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Hobby Lobby Rebrand

This Hobby Lobby rebrand is an interesting take on design activism.

Hobby Lobby is a chain of arts and crafts stores. Not only are they experts in everything decor and hobby related, but they are also well versed in using religion as a mask in order to justify discriminating against people who are apart of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as refusing proper healthcare benefits such as birth control to their female employees.

Along with sending letters to the White House asking for a pardon to keep openly discriminating against the LGBTQ+ community, they also work diligently to fight against giving their female employees birth control and other forms of contraceptives with their health care plans.

That is who the real Hobby Lobby is. The aim of this project is to rebrand their company to make them more accepting, inclusive, and safe for everyone who enters their stores to get craft supplies.