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AND: Years of Assignments

Throughout my college career I organized my assignments, errands, and ideas with notecards. 

I challenged myself to transform my accumulated notecards into something that could symbolize my college journey. As I went through scanning and reading them, I uncovered so many memories, so many mistakes, and so many excuses why I didn’t take social and career opportunities.

I soon realized that I had fallen victim to the grind narrative that everyone so willingly pushes. We let ourselves get busy and rush through life just to get to an off day or to get through a school/work project. We make excuses why we can’t visit family or meet up with friends. We ask ourselves “When will I have the time? Why do I have to do it? How will I get it done? Where did all my time go?”

I wanted to create something that made people reflect on their choices and see their priorities clearer. If we don’t stop to enjoy our lives now they will pass us by too quick to change our habits, fix our friendships, and repair ourselves.

The world tells us to never give up and to keep pushing. But what we forget is that sometimes we need to quit a job, give 50% on an assignment, or take a day off.

My overall message is to not let the noise of your life let you forget to slow down while you can.